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Hosts:  Tom, Mike and DDV

"Remember the Fallen"

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Why are we doing this?

Whenever you see an athlete crying as they announce their retirement, it’s never the road trips, the injuries, the regimented training and playing schedule that they’re already missing; it’s the locker room, their teammates and, most of all, the camaraderie.

And so it goes for the professional police officer.

Between 2 Blue Balls aims to capture that “locker room” feel, talking about anything and everything as if we were back, sitting in our RMP, bs-ing about our lives on and off the job. Just as it was back then, no topic is off limits and most times our take is obnoxious, irreverent and almost always results in ball busting.

While all of our personalities and guests are not sworn active/retired police officers, make no mistake about it, everyone that walks into our studio supports the law enforcement community and the work being done by the American police officer.

Whether you are retired and have a story to tell or simply want to be around cops cops, our door is always open. Your story, no matter how mundane it may seem to you, just may relate to someone halfway across the country and, more importantly, just might save a life. Anyone who has served as a police officer, especially those from past generations, has stories to tell; and we most definitely want to hear them.

Contrary to what some might believe, the freedom of speech applies to ALL American citizens, and that includes police officers.

The only way to turn the tide of false narratives is to aggressively promote a counter-narrative grounded in facts and arrogant pride.

Informative and experienced guest, laughs, ball busting and camaraderie.

Welcome to ‘Between 2 Blue Balls’.